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Union Soccer Club

About Us

About Us

Established in 1984, the Union Soccer Club is a volunteer-based 501 (c) (3) organization serving the residents of Union. Through the various programs we offer, we are currently supporting approximately 800 young players participating in the sport of soccer. The mission and purpose of the Union Soccer Club is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of our youth through the dedication and passion that this sport entails. The representatives of Union Soccer organize local league play, solicit local sponsorships, and oversee teams in competing under various programs that are geared toward developing the local youth’s athletic ability, fostering good sportsmanship, and enjoying the sport itself. Union Soccer supports Fall, Spring and winter seasonal recreation and travel youth soccer programs, and our Club supports the principles of positive coaching by offering clinics to encourage parent and volunteer involvement.

Field Status

  • Battle Hill School Field

    Updated: 09/15/2017 02:39PM
    • Field 1
  • Volunteer Park

    Updated: 09/17/2017 07:53PM
    • Field 1
    • Field 2
    • Field 3
    • Field 4
  • James C. Conlon Soccer Park

    Updated: 04/03/2018 08:41PM
    • Field 1
  • Biertuempfel Lower Basin

    Updated: 09/17/2018 10:13PM
    • Field 1
  • Burnet Middle School Lower Gym

    Updated: 01/13/2019 11:26AM
    • Field 1
  • Jefferson School

    Updated: 01/13/2020 10:09PM
    • Field 1
  • Kawahmee Middle School

    Updated: 01/13/2020 10:38PM
    • Field 1
  • Hannah Caldwell Gym

    Updated: 02/02/2022 08:21AM
    • Field 1
  • Volunteer Field

    Updated: 11/10/2016 02:45PM
  • Conlon

    Updated: 06/19/2017 10:34PM

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